Feeling Inspired...

On my desk sits a mug saying More fudge, don’t judge … it serves as reminder that going a bit overboard, stretching the limits, taking the risk, is (almost) always a good idea.

This blog represents my commitment to share some of what inspires me, what drives me to a place where life stays interesting, exciting, and memorable in ways that may be unexpected. It’s about the books that shape my thinking, the travels that open my eyes, the decisions that send life into a whirlwind, the perspective when things go awry, and the people who mean everything to me.

My own mixed media artwork is posted with each entry, in the hope that readers are inspired to create more of their own art, in whatever form or shape it may take!

Here’s to a lifetime of great adventures …

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Journaling Woes

I believe in journaling, probably too much. I could journal “about” things forever, make lists, generate ideas, create art, and then pile those journals up

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Pamela Lear

I’m a writer and a reader, an artist, a wife, and a mother and a grandmother, a volunteer, an ex-marketing manager, ex-teacher, and ex-realtor.

I’m passionate about literature, family bonds, social justice, Judaism, spirituality, and good food. I don’t care about getting dressed up or about what the royals in the UK are doing.

I don’t care much about television as I’m too busy reading. I don’t finish books I am not enjoying. I don’t do too well with schedules or rules. I still get excited about the mail every day. 

I live to rock the boat. I have ideas on top of ideas on top of more ideas. Now if only I could implement a few of them. I love life, and I try to live every day fully; if I was gone tomorrow, I would have no regrets.

I say, “Life is short; get in the game, take a risk, break the rules, and have fun!”